RICM accreditation is based, initially, upon the following guidelines:

It is presumed that RICM accredited institutions meet the foregoing guidelines, unless evidence to the contrary is brought to the attention of RICM.

Accreditation matters should be directed to the attention of the inquiries department of RICM.

The Régistre International des Conservatoires de Musique (RICM) is a membership organization, but RICM accredited institutions are not members of RICM.  The reason for this is so that the public's welfare and interests are protected, and integrity of the highest order is conferred. RICM simply does not see the wisdom in allowing members of an accredited institution to take part in the accreditation review of another institution.  Furthermore, as long as conservatory institutions are in compliance with RICM guidelines, above enumerated, such accredited conservatory institutions are not required to renew, or otherwise extend their accredited status with RICM.

At the theoretical instance that RICM comes into possession of evidence that an accredited conservatory institution is not, or may not be in compliance with RICM guidelines, such institution will be placed on probation, and then placed under immediate accreditation review.  Such review, in each such instance, is instituted by conducting investigatory and evidentiary proceedings that employ neutral judges, in proceedings that are fundamentally and completely fair, ensuring due process to all parties.  All decisions of RICM accreditation proceedings are appealable and subject to arbitration proceedings in Zurich, Switzerland.

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